About me,

As a trained Occupational Therapist with over 20 years of experience in Mental Health Services in Kent, I have worked in various settings. Located in the charming coastal village of Sandgate near Folkestone, I utilize therapy spaces in Folkestone and Hythe. My interest in trauma and development grew from observing how past traumatic experiences and fixed beliefs hindered my clients' recovery. Regardless of a person's skills or functionality, triggering past trauma could destabilize them, leading me to train in EMDR and EFT. My goal is to help individuals recover from trauma, enabling them to make lasting improvements and overcome limiting beliefs. Described as sensitive and intuitive, I adapt to your pace and provide a calming presence.

How does it work?

When an individual undergoes trauma, the body reacts with fight, flight, freeze, or fawn responses. This leads to an increase in heart rate and rapid breathing to boost oxygen and blood circulation, preparing the muscles for action in a survival scenario. The body prioritizes survival functions, slowing down other processes. This survival response is crucial for species survival. During this phase, the brain focuses on quick decision-making for survival rather than complex thinking. Consequently, memories can get stuck as the brain's complex thinking areas are not fully engaged, leaving experiences unresolved. Triggers can replay unresolved memories, activating entrenched beliefs and physical reactions. EMDR employs bilateral stimulation, such as eye movement, tapping, or sound, to stimulate both sides of the brain, aiding in processing unresolved memories. Essentially, the therapist is a guide guide as your brain processes to problem-solve and resolve issues.

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Speaking treatments are beneficial, yet in cases where a memory is stagnant or fixed, it may activate the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response. This explains why some individuals may not experience positive outcomes from therapy alone. EMDR, a technique that lessens the distress caused by past occurrences, serves as a neurological therapy. Additionally, it can aid in releasing trauma that is stored within the body.

My focus lies in collaborating with individuals who have overcome previous experiences of abuse and neglect. Such experiences can have enduring effects, influencing their self-relationships, interactions with others, and daily routines. EMDR has shown effectiveness in addressing various mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, physical discomfort, phobias, and PTSD.

Resourcing techniques

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emdr, therapy by bi-alternating sensory stimulation (right-left) which is practiced by eye movements


EFT head tapping technique

One of the advantages of EMDR is the incorporation of various techniques in therapy to support the client, which are highly beneficial. These strategies help you manage your emotions, especially during trauma processing over multiple sessions and after incomplete trauma processing at the end of a session.

The resourcing techniques in EMDR include creating a safe space and visualizing a light stream. Additionally, I incorporate relaxation, mindfulness, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to empower you with these methods for self-use.

During the initial sessions, the focus will be on teaching resourcing techniques so that you have tools available whenever you experience triggers or feel overwhelmed.

EMDR can be helpful with single minor trauma’s or even life-threatening events. A single event trauma can be resolved over a few sessions, but more severe or complex trauma’s will take much longer.

I can work with many different problems and can work with people either face to face or online My fees are £65 a session, but concessionary prices are available.


Eye. Movement, Desensitisation, Reprocessing

A bridge is about going over an obstacle to get from A to B. In the hope that you get to the other side and the grass is greener. Keystone is the centre stone of a bridge that locks the shape of an arch and it is that, which allows the bridge to bear weight.

Therapy is a keystone for your bridge.

We cannot avoid the trolls, obstacles or rough waters in life, but we can get over them .


EMDR Therapy